Welcome to the School of Mathematics

यथा शिखा मयूराणां , नागानां मणयो यथा । तद् वेदांग शास्त्राणां , गणितं मूर्धनि स्थितम् ॥

- श्लोक

Yatha shikha mayuranam, Naganam manayo yatha |
Tad vedangashaastranaam, Ganitam moordhani sthitham ||

Like the crowning crest of a peacock, shining gem in the cobra’s hood,
Mathematics is permanently positioned at the helm of all sciences.

The School of Mathematics at IISER Thiruvananthapuram is one of the foundational schools established in the Institute, since its inception in the year 2008. The School provides a wonderful environment for students to learn mathematics. At present, the school has nineteen permanent faculty members, one Emeritus faculty member and two adjunct faculty members.


The members of the school are actively engaged in research in several areas of pure and applicable mathematics. These include Group Theory, Homological Algebra, Commutative Algebra, Number Theory, Algebraic Geometry, Representation Theory, Partial Differential Equations, Scientific Computing, Complex Dynamics, Ergodic Theory, Matrix Analysis, Mathematical Finance, Differential Geometry, Harmonic Analysis.

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The school runs the following programmes.