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Seminar Talk Dr. Anindya Goswami, IISER Pune, on 6th decemberEvent04-12-2023
NCM workshop on "Control of Partial Differential Equations" from December 4, 2023Event04-12-2023
Pre-synopsis talk by Ms. Nanditha on 5th Dec 2023Event04-12-2023
Compact course on Hamilton-Jacobi Equations by Professor Veerappa GowdaEvent06-11-2023
Seminar talk by Prof. G. D. Veerappa Gowda, TIFR CAM, BengaluruEvent02-11-2023
Ph.D. Thesis Defence of Yogesh Kumar Prajapaty on 30th October 2023Event27-10-2023
Pre-synopsis Seminar Talk of Shankhadeep Mondal on 25th October 2023Event19-10-2023
Seminar Talk by Prof. Hervé Guillard on 26th September 2023Event22-09-2023
International Conference on "Latest Advances in Computational and Applied Maths"Event30-11--0001
Seminar Talk by Prof. N. Sukumar, Uni California Davis on 14th Sept 2023Event13-09-2023
CMIT talk by Prof. Loic Merel, IMJ-PRG, France on 13th Sept 2023Event30-11--0001
Pre-Synopsis Talk by Adittya Chaudhuri on September 13th, 2023Event11-09-2023
Seminar by Prof. Loïc Merel, IMJ-PRG, France on September 12th, 2023Event11-09-2023
Pre-Synopsis Talk by Niloopher Salem on September 14th, 11:15 a.m.Event08-09-2023
NCMW Finite Element Methods for PDEs at SOM, IISERTVM from Sept 11-16,2023Event07-09-2023
Pre-synopsis talk of Abinash Sarma on 8th Sept 2023Event01-09-2023
Thesis Defence of Sunil Kumar Pasupulati on September 01, 2023Event31-08-2023
Independence Day celebrationsEvent15-08-2023
Seminar talk by Tiju Cherian John, University of Arizona on 20th July at 14:00 hrsEvent19-07-2023
Seminar talk by Dr. Ankush Kumar Garg, IIT Kanpur on 24th July 2023, at 2.00 pmEvent30-11--0001
Annual Foundation School -III (2023), IISER-TVM,from 19 Jun to 15 Jul 2023Event13-07-2023
Seminar talk by Dr. Debanja Mitra from IIT Bombay.Event13-07-2023
MSc Admission August 2023 - Candidates provisionally selectedAnnouncement20-06-2023
Int. PhD Admission August 2023 - Candidates provisionally selectedAnnouncement31-05-2023
PhD Admission August 2023 - Candidates provisionally selectedAnnouncement17-05-2023