Seminar Talk Dr. Anindya Goswami, IISER Pune, on 6th december

Speaker : Dr. Anindya Goswami from Department of Mathematics and
Department of Data Science, Indian Institute of Science Education
Research, Pune
Title: Mathematical, Statistical, and Computational Studies on Fair Pricing in Financial Market
Venue: PSB 1104
Date and Time: 06-12-2023 at 4:00 P.M

Abstract: We often purchase products or services to protect ourselves from some uncertainties. Warranty is one of them. Finding out a fair price for a warranty is not an easy task. Since the financial market consists of risky assets, traders also purchase some warranty-type contracts. These are called OPTIONs. Several different types of options are traded by numerous traders every day in every stock exchange. Finding out a fair price of an option is one of the central questions in Mathematical Finance. Many researchers, in academia or industry, having various backgrounds including differential equations, control theory, probability theory, statistical inference, numerical analysis, economics, machine learning, etc. participate in serious research in option pricing. I will explain some of these research directions along with some of my own contributions.