Seminar: On the solvability of Nematic Liquid Crystals driven by Pure Jump L \ ‘evy Noise.


In this work we consider a stochastic evolution equation which describes the system governing the nematic liquid crystals driven by a pure jump L\’evy noise in the Marcus canonical form. The existence of a martingale solution is proved for both 2D and 3D cases. The construction of the solution is based on the classical Faedo-Galerkin approximation, compactness method and the Jakubowski’s version of the Skorokhod representation theorem for non-metric spaces. We prove the solution is pathwise unique and further establish the existence of a strong solution in the 2-D case.

Date and Time : 30-08-2017 15:00

Venue : PSB 2214

Speaker : Akash Ashirbad Panda, IISER TVM

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