Seminar: Hitchin pairs on a singular curve


In this talk, we present the moduli problem of rank 2 torsion free Hitchin pairs of fixed Euler characteristic ? on a reducible nodal curve. We describe the moduli space of the Hitchin pairs. We define the analogue of the classical Hitchin map and describe the geometry of general Hitchin fibre. Time permits, talk on collaborated work on degeneration of moduli space of Hitchin pairs [1] and few results on moduli space of torsion free sheaves on such singular curve [2],[3].


[1] Balaji, V.; Barik, P.; Nagaraj, D. S.; A Degeneration of Moduli Space of Hitchin pairs, Int. Math. Res. Not. 2016
[2] Barik. P.; Dey, A.; Suhas, B. N.; On the Rationality of Nagraj-Seshadri moduli Space, Bull. Des. Sciences 2016
[3] Barik. P.; Dey, A.; Suhas, B. N.; Intersection Poincare polynomial for Nagaraj-Seshadri moduli space,

Date and Time : 30-03-2017 15:00

Venue : Seminar Hall, 219 @ CET

Speaker : Pabitra Barik, IIT Madras

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