Seminar Talk by Dr. Amrutha P on 12th May

Speaker: Dr. Amrutha P
Affiliation: Chennai Mathematical Institute
Title: Character degrees of finite groups
Venue: PSB1207
Date and Time: 12th May 2023, 11 a.m.

Abstract: Given a finite group G, a central problem to understand is the interplay between the finite group and its local subgroups. How much information can we get from the group's character degree? This is a fundamental question in which we are interested. The approach of using local data to obtain global information on a finite group had already proved very successful in the classification of finite simple groups. Now, conversely, the classification seems to provide a way for proving local-global conjectures in representation theory. We begin with a review of recent developments and certain conjectures about representations of finite groups. The counting conjectures in the representation theory of finite groups are said to have their roots in the McKay conjecture. In this talk, we will see the McKay correspondence for the symmetric group in detail.