Dr. Nagaiah Chamakuri bags NSM-DST-MeITy funding

Congratulation Dr. Nagaih Chamakuri(PI, SoM) and Prof. M.P.Rajan(Co-PI, SoM), for their successful NSM grant application. The funding agency is National Supercomputer Mission (jointly with DST-MeITy) and the grant amount is 1.0 Crore. The project title "HPC technologies and large scale simulations of the electromechanical for the heart function

Project summary

The multiscale modeling and simulation of cardiac electrophysiology have proven to be a powerful framework for the study of cardiac diseases and the effect of drugs. The bidomain equations are more popular in the literature to study normal wave propagation as well as ventricle arrhythmias. Nevertheless, the solution of the bidomain equations leads to an extremely challenging computational problem due to the inclusion of biophysically detailed ionic models and anatomically realistic geometries. The first goal of this proposed work is to develop more efficient algorithms for such large-scale problems on supercomputers. Second, a mechanical model is then coupled to the action potential signals to produce realistic motion of the heart. Plan to develop a parallel dune- electromechanics toolbox by using state-of-the-art high-performance computing techniques coupled with one of the most powerful computers available to compute the high-resolution simulation of the human heart. Finally, we demonstrate that pathological mechanical and electrophysiological behavior can be simulated efficiently on supercomputers. Such computational modeling of the heart, applied to human heart physiology, has the potential to dramatically change the present cardiac research and the field of cardiology.