Seminar: Strong, Weak Convergence and Beyond


It is well known that in infinite dimensional spaces the weak and strong convergence are two different concepts. In general, the weak convergence does not imply the strong convergence. But unfortunately, in practical applications, one can only expect to derive weak convergence. But, weak convergence do not respect nonlinearity. For example, the product of two weakly convergent sequences may not converge to the product of the weak limits. This hampers its applicability especially in non-linear problems. In fact, in weak convergence, we do loose lot information contained in the sequence. In this talk, we try to understand, why a sequence fails to be strongly convergent. Later, we introduce two-scale convergence through which we recover some lost information. We also introduce a more general notion, namely the method of unfolding.

Date and Time : 09-05-2017 15:00

Venue : Seminar Hall, 219 @ CET

Speaker : A. K. Nandakumaran, IISc Bangalore

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