Seminar : A proof of quadratic reciprocity along modern lines


The quadratic reciprocity law of Fermat, Euler, Legendra and Gauss and its generalizations has been one of the central pursuits of number theory. The developments range from class field theory giving the reciprocity law for abelian extensions of number fields, to the theorem of Taylor-Wiles establishing a reciprocity law between elliptic curves and modular forms. We will present a proof of quadratic reciprocity inspired by class field theory. The lectures should be accessible to undergraduate students of mathematics.

Date and Time : 12-11-2018 at 10.00 to 11.00 & 13-11-2018 at 10 to 11.00

Venue : PSB 3103, IISER TVM Campus

Speaker : Prof. C.S.Rajan, TIFR Mumbai.

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